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3D Crystal Photo Reviews

by Ma Jason 29 May 2024 0 Comments

Our 3D crystal photo is a popular gift for family members, especially on Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day. It also becomes a hot item during Christmas. What sets our service apart? First, we offer dozens of shapes for you to choose from, which is quite remarkable since most companies only offer rectangular options. We stand out by providing heart shapes, squares, horizontal rectangles, vertical rectangles, apple shapes, icebergs, and spheres, catering to your personalized needs.

Popular Choice

Heart and rectangular shapes have always been our best-selling products and are the most popular among our customers. The heart shape holds a special meaning, symbolizing love and the importance of cherished relationships, making it perfect for gift-giving. The rectangular product, representing the straightforward and lasting moments of life, is more affordable, which is why it sells the best.

3D Crystal Ball

Recently, the spherical 3D crystal photo has started to become very popular. Although its sales are usually not high, customers are willing to purchase it during Valentine's Day. When you buy a gift for your loved one, this unique shape adds a lot of fun to your relationship. Paired with our special light base, it can be securely placed on a desk, allowing you to see your 3D image from any angle.

Deluxe Crystal

 Our new 3D crystal photo is crafted by selecting popular shapes and then using a laser engraving machine to create numerous contours. This results in more light refraction, making your 3D image appear more realistic. While the price is a bit higher, it is definitely worth the purchase.



Free LED Light Base

In addition to offering a variety of shapes and more realistic 3D effects, our service has a unique advantage: we are the only company in the market that provides a free LED light base. You might know that LED light bases are not cheap and typically cost dozens of dollars. We also understand that an LED light base enhances the appearance of your 3D crystal photo, bringing it to life. Therefore, we believe an LED light base is essential, and we are willing to provide it for free. Moreover, we offer many styles to choose from, and they can all be powered by batteries or via USB, making them very convenient.


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